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Our solid-state seneye sensors deliver constant and accurate monitoring providing you with reliable multi-parameter data at an unprecedented resolution without the cost of maintenance associated with traditional probes or sondes


Remote environmental monitoring that uses small amounts of energy to provide large amounts of data. Our IOT device tests the parameters such as Nh3, pH, O2 and turbidity all at the same time


Advance your systems utilizing the information harvested from the 24/7 monitoring, apply the real time alerts for interventions and integration with control systems and feedback loops.

About us

We love water We love nature

seneye helps you understand the impact of human activities on nature.

Seneye IOT sensors allow remote data collection and rich information.

The accurate implementation of simple solutions to complex problems requires comprehensive data and deep understanding, that can only come from a mass deployment of sensors. Extensive real time data can be visualised as heat maps and negative activity along with trends easily spotted. Seneye is the perfect swarm sensor it is the enabling technology.

  • 12+

    Years making IOT sensors

  • 14

    Awards won

  • 20+

    countries protected by seneye


Multi Parameters

The most parameters for the lowest cost


Calibration Free

Simply change the sensor small chip once every 3 months


Minimal Maintenance

Easy Installation


A few parameters a seneye measures

Our concentration is on parameters which are critical to aquatic life. Ammonia is one of the more important as any leaks form Combined Sewerage Outlets or Sewerage treatment plants are very high in ammonia.

Contact for the full portfolio
pH pH x2 optical
Temp Temp Solid state digital 
NH3 NH3 Optical Free Ammonia  2 ranges 
O2 O2 Optical Oxygen 
Turbidity Turbidity IR back scatter 


If you are responsible for water seneye has the solution

Our Team

Meet our team

Our mission

A message from our CEO


It's been our mission here at seneye to protect the worlds aquatic life for over a decade; we have animal welfare at our core and environmental protection is fundamental to this.

It’s over 12 years since we sold our first IOT water quality sensor which connected to our cloud. Since then, 10’s of thousands of seneye devices have been sold worldwide to protect fish and other aquatic species from harmful pollutants.

Our devices have found their way into a variety of applications ranging from public aquariums to aquaculture and even frog projects in the amazon.  

We feel we are doing some good on this fragile planet.  

Our team has a passionate understanding of fish alongside their delicate eco systems; this is matched with a deep understanding of electronics and photonics.  

Our approach of integrated electronics twinned with seneye’s patented optical circuits means the deployment of multi-parameter water sensors and live IOT telemetry at an unprecedented scale is now possible.  

We are working hard on a soon to be launched multi-parameter sensor platform, which has enhanced features to help protect our rivers and seas. 

It will help address pollution problems such as raw sewerage and excess nutrients.

If you're responsible for water, you need a seneye.


Matt Stevenson.